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This can’t be right, Akihiko decides. Though I’m sure they’ve been leaked Because I hate you. It didn’t make sense, either. Akihiko, who had been best friends with Shinjiro for practically as long as he could remember, just didn’t seem to get it. How could Shinjiro and Minako, of all people be dating? They didn’t seem like they had much in common at all, along with the fact their mere personalities and appearances clashed altogether. Simply put, he was a big, scary, punk-ass-dark-alley-dwelling delinquent, and Minako being the sweet, smart, albeit a tad quirky girl she was, being in both an athletic club as well as the art club, volunteering on the school council and spending time with the old bookstore-owning couple, not to mention fighting and leading in the Tartarus.

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Tae checks Kawakami for breast lumps while joker watches Principal fucks Mashima for being bad at volleyball Makoto and Haru have a nice tea party together and do nothing sexual at all Haru and Joker do some gardening together and nothing sexual or bad happens Haru gets dirty in the garden In more ways then one Kawakami’s night job if protag wasn’t around to save her.

I had so many going through the story but now I can’t think of them. During the fucking people start coming into the public bathroom to piss and comment on how hot Ann is, and how they wish a model like her was their girlfriend and Joker covers her mouth and continues to pound away at her, with her trying her best not to moan and shit Obligatory end panel with the cum running down her leg.

I think it’d sell. Kawakami doing her maid job faithfully Mishima goes full adachi and systematically rapes and kills each of the female phantom thieves Joker pets Haru’s fluffy hair and she makes a series of cute embarrassed faces Tae giving you her new medicine that knocks you out every so often. One day the medicine isn’t strong enough and you gain enough consciousness for you to see her taking advantage of your body.

It’s a consequence of P3P’s new social links being mixed in with the existing ones after the initial P3 release. His Persona is Emperor, but his link is Star, because the original Emperor link stayed in for the female main character (with some small changes we’ll see later) but the original Star link didn’t.

I’ve got the game, but my PSP broke a few months ago The ones where you have to go into Tartarus and kill certain Shadows to reviece certain items. Those increase you level a lot Also, I recoomend rotating your party members around every so often. That way, in order to get all of SEES at roughly the same level, you need to make numerous trips into Tartarus, meaning the MC will never be underleveled 7 Name: It’s one of the few games in which I didn’t find a bad fault to rant hysterically on it, and could actually replay it the second I beat it x3 8 Name: I possess all three versions of it.

D Persona 3, is one of the best games I’ve played! P3P also made big changes. Like the battle system, Some of the storyline, and of course I really love this game.


Dating Aigis Persona 3 Venatio Follow Forum Posts Links from reversing persona 3 fes dating aigis going out with another girl persona 3 fes dating aigis many times. Junpei is dating Chidori,.

Fashion Poll: Based ONLY on the clothes, which one of these females would you approach in a party and why? How is this photo of me in terms of my hair and makeup?

Equipping this ‘Persona’ will prompt Mitsuru or Fuuka to comment on you cheating. When Persona 3 Portable was released it allowed players to play as a female protagonist. Fans sometimes debate which who has the most canon storyline between the male and female protagonist, causing some wank over if the female protagonist is as important as the male one. Persona 3 only allows for romantic Social Links to be formed with female characters, however in Persona 3 Portable, player could play as a female protagonist commonly referred to as Arisato Minako who had romantic social links with male characters.

Also, in a video showcasing an early engine for P3, the placeholder character was seen summoning Athena, as she appears in another SMT game called ‘Soul Hackers’. This clip isn’t heard during normal gameplay, unless you.. Such as using party members during times when they’re are’t accessible, using personas that aren’t accessible during normal gameplay, having dummy items in your inventory, etc. An unused scene with Yukari at the dorm after the protagonist recovers from his Persona awakening.

This scene should come before the previous one, but comes afterwards in the files. Fortunately I find her first and get her to come over and then dress up like a doll!

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Contributions Former Cid’s Knight I love P2 myself hence the funny option for it and it’s easily my second favorite in the series. I don’t necessarily agree that they feel more like MegaTen games but maybe that is because it was my first Persona game and thus P3 and P4 P4 moreso feel more out of sync with the franchise for me.

Persona 3 is my favorite, largely because it has one element than none of the other entries possess: The game has lots of anti-frustration factors built in and I feel every element really blends in with each other.

Well so far this has something I always wanted in the games already and that’s dating the least in P3P anyway although I wouldn’t mind the games finally having a .

That’s what one woman wanted to find out when she created what she dubbed “the worst online dating profile ever. Likely a terrible one, she assumed, and so she set out to create “the worst online dating profile ever” for just such a person. She called her character “aaroncarterfan,” and filled out her profile with other information that she hoped would repel men, such as under the category “I’m really good at And yet, men still messaged her. She received messages in just 24 hours, she said.

It appeared that many men were willing to overlook aaroncarterfan’s horrible personality due to her attractive selfies. In place of her own photo, Reed said she used images belonging to her friend Rae Johnston, an Australian model. Stunned by the response, Reed then made it her mission to make aaroncaterfan’s interactions with potential suitors so toxic that they would stop messaging her.

But despite e-mail conversations in which she claimed to participate in cyber-bullying, avoiding community service sentences, and faking pregnancies, she said guys still asked for her number.

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His style is sharp and clean, fit for animation but just as attractive in the form of still images. He has a nice sense of fashion, and seems to be fond of shirts that ruffle, dark jackets, and black slacks. The score never interferes with the gameplay, instead enhancing the mood as needed.

“first time drawing AkiMitsu, sorry, speed paint, had a thought like this while in the class. disappointed with the new Akihiko (who’s with me?” “Amazing Hair Mask To Double Your Hair Growth In Just 4 Weeks” Morgana needs to stop watching movies as dating references. “P3P” See more Persona 5 .

What’s your team rn and how far are you? I get the same way with games with really good stories, usually vns and jrpgs, I’ll be up until god knows when in the middle of the night and forget to eat lmao I was like that with P3P actually, I was like no, I need to get all these s-links to max and before I know it it’s 7am o. I’m not sure who I’m gonna go for first, this is one of the few games where I don’t have an obvious first choice but like a couple different characters equally on first glance, which is rare o.

I think I enjoyed Hakuoki more for the overarching story than anything, it felt extremely real to me despite the fantasy elements, probably because of the historical basis, but also how it treated the Shinsengumi and the samurai in general. It gave an amazing feeling of powerlessness without hopelessness, like you knew there wasn’t anything you could do in the end to change things, but you were always rooting for everyone. I have less to say about The Royal Trap since I played it quite a while ago and I feel like I kinda didn’t spend too long on it despite really loving it, but my favorite was Nazagi.

I gotta say I wasn’t sold on anyone at first but the whole “I’m a stone cold badass but oh god nobody must know I need glasses please oh god don’t tell anyone” won me over so fast. I also liked the ending to his story a ton, it was unconventional but it also fit the route quite a lot also it is a thing I’d like to see more of in romance stories in general Also his skill with poisons was a really neat touch! I like worldbuilding in fantasy games, and poison magic and the like fit in very well to the political intrigue plot of the game.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable (Sony PSP, 2010)

Tell him that the rumor about you and Junpei dating is false, and that you don’t want. But how do you do it? I’m totally lost here. I don’t even know where he hangs out in the school.

Akihiko will be the one to deal most damage here because of his Persona’s Sonic Punch. now is the best time to do so. you should get a high score as well. To go to the mall immediately. Toriumi’s class. they are sation with Yukari e with Ms.

Persona 3 is a story about bonds and how they can make people more powerful. This LP helped remind me of why I loved this game in the first place. The cast is pretty great. Junpei, Yukari no, really , and Aigis are my favorites. Yukari is a divisive character, but I felt like she is one of the more realistically written and portrayed female characters in video games. I bonded with Junpei pretty early on, and Vic Migonga did a good job voicing him. His subplot with Chihiro is very bittersweet.

I love her relationship with the female protagonist. I suppose that their relative absence in recaps makes it obvious, but I found Ken and Akihiko to be less interesting than their SEES cohorts. They both have connections to Shinjiro, but after his tragic death, Ken and Akihiko take a back seat to the rest of the cast. I wonder if Persona 6 will have one, and if so, what color would it be?

Junpei was intended to become one of the love interests for the female MC, but it was disabled for the final game.

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Here we show a listing of the most recent TV Royale matches, their outcomes and the associated decks. That being said, we have a lot of different places to go and you may need some assistance on how to use the site. One of the cool things we do on Clash Royale Deck Builder is take a tally of which of the Clash Royale cards the competitive players use the most.

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The main protagonist, when Yukari exits the shower with a Modesty Towel and slaps him after the party is separated in the July 7th operation. Aliens Made Them Do It: In the July 7th Shadow battle, the Protagonist and Yukari or Akihiko or Junpei if you’re playing as a girl manage to break free from the Mind Control before anything actually happens.

And no, you can’t intentionally fail , no matter how hard you try. All in a Row: Your party members will follow you everywhere in dungeons — or can be ordered to split up and search the area. They can even enter battles on their own, which you’re then able to join to provide support. Generally, they line up nicely behind you, but if you hit a dead-end and suddenly reverse, you’ll wind up hitting them with your weapon multiple times until you’re leading the pack again.

All Therapists Are Muggles: The cast frequently go into a twisted, bloody version of their school where they are in danger of being killed by their repressed feelings and fight monsters by shooting themselves in the head with guns that fire psychological trauma. But since no therapist would believe them about the Dark Hour, they’re on their own.

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Screw logic or those people that tell you that hearing voices in your head is a sign of insanity. Yukiko gets really high marks and Fuuka is incredible at working with machines. Despite this, they both lack something when the main character first meets them. The answer was always right in front of them, they just had to realize their true feelings about the matter.

With the exception of the two Persona 2 games (one of wich had a female lead), the heroes were blank state and dating machines. Imo they only didnt add a female counterpart to persona 4 Golden, because it was a way bigger overhaul than P3P, and because they had to protect the brand of the anime serie.

Despite a good story, production quality and a reasonably innovative and fun combat system, Persona 3 failed to impress me for a number of reasons. What if there were a Dark Hour, a twenty-fifth hour of the day? What if only a few people were conscious during it, and the rest of us turned into coffins for its duration? What if horrific shadowy creatures preyed upon those unfortunate enough to be conscious during that time? What if you could do something about it?

The new dormitory he moves into is actually a secret base for SEES, the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, a group determined to hunt down the Shadows plaguing their city. Better yet, during the Dark Hour his new school transforms into Tartarus, a demonic tower marking the hub of Shadow activity. Your daytime exploits consist of developing things called Social Links. Each side character you can spend time with has their own Link and set of events you can experience with them.

The other normal-world feature is your stat levels of Charm, Courage and Academics which need to be levelled to specific milestones in order to access some of the Social Links. Each Link has 10 stages and there are 22 Links, with 5 of them representing possible romantic relationships. I would spend a romantic few hours at the movies with someone, only to have them asking me what I had been up to that afternoon with no acknowledgement that they felt anything but indifferent towards me.

[HD] [PSP] Persona 3 Portable [Female] – Social Link – (Star) – Part 1