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As proud of him as I am, I’ll be eager to have him back this Fall. David came to me with impressive programming skills and a love for the Earth sciences. He successfully applied for the Neukom Scholar Program to code a linear glacier model from published manuscripts to conduct glacier length sensitivity tests. David coded the glacier model and seemed to enjoy the process, so I invited him to work with me on a separate research project analyzing climate data from Uganda in funded by the John Lindsley Fund. His friendly personality, strong work ethic, and excitement for the research impressed my mentor, Meredith Kelly, and she invited him to participation in the June Ugandan field expedition to the Rwenzori Mountains funded by the Comer Science and Education Foundation. David graduated this past weekend after completing a senior research thesis on dating the age of a landslide in the Rwenzori Mountains.

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Chris Marone Previous Speakers EarthScope speakers are selected based on their outstanding research accomplishments involving EarthScope as well as their abilities to engage a variety of audiences. Each speaker presents science-based lectures on their own EarthScope-related project, and their talks include an introduction highlighting broader EarthScope objectives and accomplishments.

Her research focuses on using GPS and imaging geodesy to examine tectonic phenomena including long-term plate motions, the distribution of relative motion within plate boundary zones, earthquakes, and transient tectonic deformation as well as non-tectonic signals such as glacial isostatic adjustment and glacier dynamics.

Julie is PI of an ongoing EarthScope project using GPS to look at fault locking and possible transient tectonic signals along the eastern edge of the Alaska subduction zone. Continuously operating GPS sites, such as those in the Earthscope Plate Boundary Observatory PBO , have allowed us to reduce measurement uncertainty and capture transient events such as slow slip episodes, postseismic motion, and seasonal variations, providing a more complete image of the deformation field.

The deformation field here is complex, with contributions from long-term tectonic motion, earthquakes, postseismic deformation, slow slip episodes, seasonal snow loading, and the adjustment of the Earth to current and past ice loss.

CMU is a global research university known for its world-class, interdisciplinary programs: arts, business, computing, engineering, humanities, policy and science.

Today I want to talk to you about your work in ethnic studies, diversity, and social justice with a particular emphasis on how that impacts the work we do in psychotherapy. But I want to start with something basic: What originally got you into the field of psychology and diversity? Good to be here Randy. Well, at a very early age I started noticing differences in human beings and mostly my own family. I became intrigued just by how was it that my brother and I could grow up in the same family, two years apart, and yet be so incredibly different.

I think some piece of that curiosity extended to things like these broader social concerns. I have vivid memories of going home in Philadelphia and asking my parents and my grandmother why there were so many people sleeping on the streets. I had this insatiable curiosity about how we ended up in circumstances in life. Long before I even knew what to call it, I had some passion for it. I just knew that I was interested in this unnamed discipline that would help me understand human beings better.

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It is an excellent question, especially at the start of the conference and job season. O, you graduate students! What am I going to do with you?

The EarthScope Speaker Series is part of the larger EarthScope Education and Outreach program and seeks to present the scientific results of EarthScope researchers to faculty and students in departmental seminars at colleges and rs are selected based on their outstanding research accomplishments involving EarthScope as well as their abilities to engage a variety of audiences.

Posted on January 24, by Scott Alexander I. I briefly snarked about Leslie et al last week, but I should probably snark at it more rigorously and at greater length. The media, science blogosphere, et cetera has taken this result and run with it. A very small sample includes: Chronicle Of Higher Education: And so on in that vein. Imagine a study with the following methodology. Then you correlate those numbers with who gets lung cancer. Your statistics program lights up like a Christmas tree with a bunch of super-strong correlations.

This is the basic principle behind Leslie et al You would expect to find that perceived smoking correlates with lung cancer less than actual smoking, because the perceived smoking correlation is just the actual smoking correlation plus some noise resulting from misperceptions.

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Pixabay Hassabis is the eldest of three siblings and his parents are teachers. According to The Guardian , his sister is a pianist and composer, while his brother is a studying creative writing. They’re kind of bohemian.

Since its founding in , Yale University has been dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge, inspiring innovation, and preserving cultural and scientific information for future generations.

F-1, J-1, Adjustment of Status common questions and answers Date: September 22, Author: All advice given here are strictly as is without any guarantees and reliability. The advice below is solely from personal experiences in filing such applications and process. The best and most reliable advice is always from a good immigration lawyer. My wife originally came to the US on a J-1 visa. After completing it, she went home for three months and returned to the US on an F-1 visa for her PhD.

She has accumulated the two years outside the US since she gave up her J-1 through summers at home and currently 1.

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Born and raised in Seattle, WA, John Zimmerman graduated from Whitman college in , receiving his bachelor’s in chemistry. During his undergraduate, he investigated purification platforms of the protein PcpA, for use in microbatch x-ray crystallography under Tim Machonkin. He entered the University of Chicago’s Ph. D program in chemistry, during the fall of , with a focus in inorganic chemistry.

John is a class of CBC scholar.

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My undergraduate alma mater, UC Irvine, used to have Irvine Meadows West YT , which was an on-campus trailer park where you could live in some rather, um, interesting set-ups for next-to-nothing. Given housing prices around UCI, that was nothing to sneeze at. Alas, this being Southern California, it was turned into a parking lot in the s. Only a concern if you’re one of the poors. He looks like he’s in his mid 40s. Maybe I’ll pass on the box van experience

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In particular, if you enter a relationship which lasts until the end of the postdoc, your partner has to be open to relocating, or you have to leave academia, or you have to do some complicated long distance thing, or break up. That’s a nontrivial consideration. I know a lot of people who met their partners in grad school there, people from other unrelated departments or who were unaffiliated with the university entirely. But of course you’re right that it’s about as isolated a college town as you can find anywhere in the US.

Now that truly is a very small community where one might step very carefully around questions of romance

At a rousing get-out-the-vote event, timed with National Voter Registration Day and sponsored by Penn Leads the Vote, Undergraduate Assembly, and the Graduate and Professional Studies Assembly, students had the opportunity to register to vote while hearing from President Amy Gutmann and Joe Biden, the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor and leader of the Penn Biden Center for.

These special programs provide research opportunities and unique experiences that take science and math out of the classroom and into the real world. We employ early career postdoctoral fellows and faculty teams to develop course-based research experiences CRE as a comprehensive institutional mechanism of student development. This project increases the quality and quantity of research opportunities available to Spelman students, as well as enhances the curriculum offerings related to STEM disciplines.

This program provides scientifically talented students from groups underrepresented in scientific and engineering fields with the opportunity to pursue undergraduate studies in science and engineering in the highly motivating and supportive environment of Spelman College. Project Contact Retina Burton: Doug Eaton at Emory University. This will be accomplished by the establishment of a G-STEM office which will work synergistically with other offices and departments on campus to establish formal international research collaborations and develop a structured mentoring program for STEM students seeking global research experiences.

This project will increase the quality and quantity of international research opportunities available to Spelman students, as well as enhance the mentoring process between STEM students and faculty. As women of African descent they can bring unique perspectives to the treatment, prevention, and eradication of disease, — when they complete our RISE program, they will be well equipped to change the world.


It appears every week, on Thursday. Below you’ll find the website version, which is also renewed after every following weekend usually on Sunday evening. For subscription to the EEF, the moderated scholarly mailinglist for mainstream Egyptology, see http: The EEF list also has a daily digest option and a weekly digest option, and has monthly archives digests and archives are all sorted by topic.

Mar 30,  · This is the time of year when prospective graduate students are visiting different universities, deciding where they will spend the most formative years of their scientific lives. Amidst the.

His early career, dominated by science fiction, began with short stories in and novels in This lasted until about , all but ending after publication of The Naked Sun He began publishing nonfiction in , co-authoring a college-level textbook called Biochemistry and Human Metabolism. Following the brief orbit of the first man-made satellite Sputnik I by the USSR in , his production of nonfiction, particularly popular science books, greatly increased, with a consequent drop in his science fiction output.

Over the next quarter century, he wrote only four science fiction novels. Starting in , the second half of his science fiction career began with the publication of Foundation’s Edge. From then until his death, Asimov published several more sequels and prequels to his existing novels, tying them together in a way he had not originally anticipated, making a unified series. There are, however, many inconsistencies in this unification, especially in his earlier stories. Asimov coined the term “robotics” without suspecting that it might be an original word; at the time, he believed it was simply the natural analogue of words such as mechanics and hydraulics , but for robots.

Unlike his word “psychohistory”, the word “robotics” continues in mainstream technical use with Asimov’s original definition.

Welcome Post-Doc Dr. Sophie B. Lehmann to the Department!

Andrew Dalby Seeing this my chances of tenure are zero. Unless I suddenly win a Nobel prize. The reality is also that you need to be a follower of the current fad.

At the Symposium, as an early-career chemist, you will have an opportunity to deliver a talk about your research and your organisation to the next generation of leaders in the chemical sciences in a relaxed, supportive environment.

This will allow principal investigators to create an ORCID ID to link to their Commons account, so that their publications can be linked to their grants. The navigation will be more user friendly, while the underlying functionality, fields, and requested information will remain the same. New Look and Feel Coming Nov. The changes are designed to better align with best practices in security, user interface design and industry standards.

Note that the underlying capabilities, fields and information will remain the same. But even as a die-hard fan, I sometimes have to wonder what the writers were thinking. Take for example the TNG episode where Capt. Picard needs his artificial heart repaired. In the midst of the operation something goes horribly wrong, and the dialog goes something like this:

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By Derek Lowe 26 March, According to this new survey , depression and anxiety are far more common among graduate students than in the general population. Moving from that to depression is not such a huge jump, either. All of us who have been through grad school have seen people who sort of freeze up at some point in their progress.

I remember people who were always just about to start something, just about to figure out what went wrong with the last thing which was spread out into a bunch of inconclusive samples around their hoods , just about to really start making some progress. But they never did. Someone finds themselves in an untenable situation and sinks into a state that makes it more untenable every day.

Nov 20,  · I’m wondering if it’s considered inappropriate for a postdoc to date a student in their laboratory? Page 1 of 1: I hope no one minds my asking this, since I know professors dating students is considered very inappropriate – not only because of the age difference, but because they have hiring/grading authority too.

That meeting approved the establishment of the International Union of American Republics, and the stage was set for the weaving of a web of provisions and institutions that came to be known as the inter-American system, the oldest international institutional system. Their purpose is to strengthen the peace and security of the continent and to promote and consolidate representative democracy, with due respect for the principle of nonintervention.

Students need to demonstrate that they have a good level of written and spoken English. OAS scholarships are available for studying any course offered by the university. Scholarship covers Airfare, Medical Insurance in Brazil, Additional subsistence expenses, Visa fees, any other expenses not described as benefit of this scholarship. Applicants must not have received other academic scholarships from the OAS or from Brazil for the same level of studies as that for which they want to apply.

Those selected to receive the scholarship must show proof of superior intermediate level of Portuguese before completing their studies in Brazil Applicants must complete and submit the online Scholarship Application Form. No English Language Requirement: To apply for this scholarship, the applicants must fill out completely the scholarship application form for the OAS-GUCB scholarship program, and attach all the documents required for the application: Copy of official identification document Curriculum Vitae.

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