BattMan II: Build a Computer Controlled Battery Manager

How do I connect my laptop to a projector? When you connect your laptop to a projector, your display will be mirrored. You will not be able to use your laptop to display your speaker notes or outline. To connect a projector to your laptop, you will need a special VGA male-to-male connector. This connector has 15 pins on both ends and will plug into a pin female connector on the back of your computer. Sometimes you may have to press a keyboard combination to display the contents of your screen using the projector. You can cycle this key combination to switch your display from having it only on the laptop, to having it only on the projector, and finally to having it on both. Before you start a presentation, you may want to change your power settings so that your computer does not go to sleep in the middle of your presentation.


The connection works through your usual broadband internet connection, so there’s no extra charge for using wi-fi. To set up a home wi-fi network, you need a wi-fi compatible modem or router, and an account with a broadband internet service provider. The procedure for this varies from model to model, and it’s best if you consult the manual that came with it for more instructions.

However, here are a few things you should do when setting up your home wi-fi network:

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Easy to Build WIFI 2.4GHz Yagi Antenna

Make sure the TP-Link router model number and version match exactly. Save the file somewhere you can access easily later. A good place to save the file is on your Desktop, or in your Downloads directory. Setup the Hardware Unpack the TP-Link router and screw on the external antennas if the unit has them. Plug the power adapter into an easily accessible wall outlet or power strip, then the DC power jack into the back of the router. If there is a power button, depress it to turn the router on.

Still, vpn tp link wn was a telling demonstration of Google’s eagerness to turn its web of products, nearly all of which command more than 1 billion users each, into a more cohesive network to rival last update amount of data and personalization that Facebook has .

BattMan II has the following capabilities: Charges at rates of mA to 1. Real time graphical display lets you see problems like mismatched cells. Keeps a log of all operations performed, which can be imported into any spreadsheet program. Saves graphs of charge, discharge, auto-cycle, and monitor operations.

Values shown are for the prototype.

How do I install TP-Link router to work with a Cable Modem?

Switch screens from Outlook to gather data and take decisions as they respond to e-mails. Manually update data from Excel Spreadsheets to enterprise applications. Enables users to query and update SAP transactions from within Outlook screens.

A generator is a core component to many people’s emergency preparedness plans. (Maybe you have a cool charcoal powered or a multi-fuel generator.) However many fail to think through how exactly they will power the items they want to run when the grid is down.

Here to live up to that expectation is TP-Link, whose newest mesh router not only purports to provide fast internet connections to more than devices throughout your home, but also serves as a smart home hub for all of your connected devices. Deco M9 Plus is a powerful solution designed to meet the Wi-Fi needs of the modern smart home. That means that the M9 Plus creates a special network in order to allow routers to communicate with one another, which gives way to more efficient operation for networks associated with both your phone and computer.

But what really sets this router apart is its smart home capabilities. Rather, this router will let you manage your ZigBee, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi-enabled smart home products straight from the companion Deco App. The M9 Plus also boasts a HomeCare feature, which protects against viruses and malware, and should keep you safe from hackers and other ill-intentioned actors. The system is also constantly updated through updates from Trend Micro, so you always have the most current protection.

Setup for all-in-one printer (including the wireless connection and troubleshooting)

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Chat with one of our experts, or call us at This Section is for those that are able to connect to the DVR Locally, but now need to find out how to connect Remotely. Please follow these exact steps and you should not have a problem. The sample router is a Linksys, you may have a different router. In some cases we have people that use 2 Routers on their network.

Most reasons for this is that they need a wireless router for wireless access. When you connect 2 Routers, you will always have problems Port Forwarding the correct ports. If you think you have everything set up correctly and it doesn’t work, please contact us and let us know that there might be a second router issue. A few things that you need to find out about your Internet Connection: To find this out, contact your Internet Service Provider and they should be able to tell you.

How to connect your computer to your big-screen TV

Only a few left. Stainless Steel versions are not available. From Left to right: Similar Tube Collectors – top row: Dissimilar Tube Collectors – bottom row:

This TP Link router was set-up in a large home. I have tried them all, however this router was easy to hookup had great reception and had a few extra features like the external storage that saved my bacon. Reply. Kate Kennedy February 6, at am. Individual Rating.

Ask Question Step 4: Cutting the Paper Clips and Fixing Them You have to trim the paper clips with a nibbler or plier to fit the vertical bars “elements”. This is fairly straight forward. Lay the paper clip on the template’s element and mark the ends with a marker. Snip at the marking. Make sure that each element fits correctly the length of the bar on the diagram.

How to connect to the Internet with your Mac

Unfortunately the stock firmware did not suit me at all. So I flashed the appropriate dd-wrt firmware on it, which is a lot better, but still lacking, especially for use as a repeater or repeater bridge. That’s just not working well with the current firmware. Or at least I could not figure out how to get the plugged-in NAS to show on the local network. Also lacking in the firmware stock and dd-wrt are options to dedicate one antenna port for an outside antenna. The reach of the signal is not as good as I expected.

The compact MX Anywhere 2 is the ideal combination of comfort and portability—at home, at work, and on the go. Darkfield™ Laser Tracking gives you flawless control on virtually any surface, including glass (4 mm minimum thickness) and other high-gloss materials.

Here’s how to determine the best location for its placement. November 12, 1: Wireless extenders also called wireless repeaters wirelessly connect to an existing router and can lengthen the range of the wireless signal repeating it by re-broadcasting the signal. They are used to cover wireless “dead zones. I suggest if you are having problems with wireless coverage, you should go for a dual-band router.

Most extenders work with the longer-range 2. You want to pair the extender with the 2. Keep the 5GHz band reserved for wireless devices that stream multimedia or connect to gaming consoles, smart TVs anything that is throughput-intensive. Once you have the right equipment, the next step is determining the best location for your extender.

Typically, you want to place the extender mid-way between your router and where your wireless coverage starts to drop. FaceTime Method I was chatting with a product manager from a major networking hardware company who gave me a great tip for determining exactly where to place an extender. Set up a FaceTime chat between two users on two separate devices on your home network.

How do I install TP-Link wireless router to work with a Modem (Static IP)?

How do I set up and install my Wireless Extender? Plug the DAP into a wall outlet within wireless range of your router. Then open a web browser and enter http: You can also use the IP address http: The default username is Admin and the password is to be left blank. Click Setup Wizard Step 6:

Connect your modem to the WAN port of the TP-Link router via an Ethernet cable; connect a computer to TP-Link router’s LAN port via an Ethernet cable. 3 . Power on .

Reply This post was written with my colleague Cas van Iersel. You can find more of his blogposts on www. These days are over as we all well know. In this Post we would like to share some practical information to get started building these RERs quickly. But before we get technical first some ingredients to the RER recipe. In order to get us started building a remote event receiver we are going to need an Azure environment.

This is just a heads up, we will elaborate further on. Microsoft Developers best friend. Besides Visual Studio most developers have their own preferences. No worries, we can start building RERs already without using Azure for now. A RER is basically just a piece of code that runs whenever an event goes off. But because this code is wrapped inside a Provider Hosted App we need to choose a type of Front End web application. The only reason we might actually need a UI is to work with settings for the App.

TP-Link Wi-Fi Range Extenders Setup Tutorial Video