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All Inclusive Exceptional Value Honeymoon: Nestled on a secluded, foot-long white-sand beach on the south shore of Grand Bahama Island, Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach is an all-inclusive tropical resort destination unlike any other. This spectacular acre resort is teeming with lush foliage, native wildlife, and palm-tree dotted beaches – the perfect setting to experience unparalleled service, activities, and excursions on memorable family vacations or romantic getaways. Take an afternoon dip in the outdoor pool and admire the stunning ocean views, or make a splash on the secluded beach just steps away. Enjoy thrilling kayaking, beach volleyball, and snorkeling adventures, or simply relax on the sun-kissed beach with a refreshing tropical beverage in hand. Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach features delicious cuisine from around the globe at four onsite restaurants. Sample delicious Italian at the Viva Cafe, Asian fare at Bamboo, pizza or pasta at Viva La Pizza, or choose from a wide selection of dishes at the Junkanoo international buffet. The choice is yours! Throughout the week, lively entertainment and themed parties are offered nightly for those looking to meet and mingle with other resort guests. Enjoy great excursions around the island fee , from deep-sea fishing expeditions to dolphin encounters.

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I like home cook meals.

Sacha Kalis, AKA Bahamas Girl, Alice in Waterland, and mermaid is model for underwater photography projects in art, education, advertising, fashion and movies.

Athena Williams, 20, met Jonathan Brussow, 19, at a bonfire during the summer after the two finished eighth grade. When ninth grade started, they rode the same school bus. Williams says one morning, Brussow sat in the seat next to her and from there, it was young love. Brussow had been with Williams and her family on vacation to the Bahamas.

Williams says the night before Brussow went missing, he sat down with her family after she went to bed to ask them a question that would change their lives. He wanted their permission to marry her. Erik was able to grab onto a rock and get himself to shore. He had broken ribs and was cut badly but still, he ran a mile to get help for Jonathan before being taken to the hospital. We called the embassy, the Nassau Coast Guard, the U. Coast Guard, the local police enforcement.

We did not stop making calls. Williams tells FOX 17 that with help from locals, they searched for Brussow for days.


Miles of white sands, clear water, and sunshine for days of the year make it a beach lover’s paradise. Here are the best things to do in Nassau, Bahamas. Nassau Beaches Nassau Paradise Island features a variety of beaches for every occasion, whether you are looking for a quiet, secluded spot to relax with a book or join the sun-worshippers and people watch — there is a beach activity for everyone.

The sea is filled with bright, colorful coral reefs so snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving are a must while the resorts offer an array of water sports from jet skiing and windsurfing to sailing, kayaking, and deep-sea fishing. End the day on the beach as you sip cocktails and enjoy dinner under the stars with your toes in the sand. Spread over acres, the park features a range of thrilling rides, themed adventures, and fun-filled activities, from Atlantean-themed water towers and high-speed water slides to eleven swimming pools and a mile-long river ride complete with rolling rapids.

Give your Tithes,Offering or become a monthly ministry partner of Bahamas Faith Ministries Int’l.

Beaches Why go The Bahamas is regarded as part of the Caribbean, even though the archipelago of over islands and cays, strung together with deep ocean channels and shallow banks, is actually located in the Atlantic and not the Caribbean Sea. For most visitors, The Bahamas’ number one attraction is beaches. There is something really special about the powder-soft, limestone-white sands you find here, and the shallow shorelines and kaleidoscope of blues connecting the sea and sky in a seamless horizon.

The Bahamas’ immaculate shorelines are perfect for watersports Credit: The Bahamian capital is where most people live, and receives the largest number of visitors. Think flocks of cruise-ship passengers, traffic, mega hotels, a diverse choice of restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

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The President’s eldest son previously requested to travel without protection during a family trip to Nassau, Bahamas, in late June, a move reluctantly accepted by the Secret Service. A law enforcement source stressed the request to pull back on protection did not come from the agency. The Secret Service strongly pushed back on Trump Jr.

Now, the President’s eldest son has asked that his full-time protection end, as well. The Secret Service would not confirm the request. A spokesperson for both Trump Jr.

The Bahamas has a long Jewish history but today has a community of only about Jews. CLICK BUTTON TO GO TO SECTION After World War I, a few Jewish families from Poland, Russia, and the United Kingdom settled in Nassau, the capital. The small Jewish community in the Bahamas has origins dating to the 17th century. The British first.

However, despite land claims by Columbus and the Papal Bull of , the Spanish made no attempt to settle these islands. English interest in the islands was first made apparent in when Charles I granted Sir Robert Heath the Attorney General of England “Bahama and all other Isles and Islands lying southerly there or neare upon the foresay’d continent”.

However, he made no known attempt to form or organise a settlement there. A French claim by Cardinal Richelieu in went similarly unpursued. It was not until the English Civil War period that English settlement began on the islands. Religious differences in England had open into warfare. In , two ships of religious dissidents left Bermuda to survey the islands to see if it would make a suitable base for a new settlement where they could worship as they please.

One ship was wrecked, but the other ship returned to Bermuda with enthusiastic reports about the suitability of the islands for settlement. In , the Company of Eleutherian Adventurers was formed in London “for the plantation of the Islands of Eleutheria, formerly called Buhama sic in America, and adjacent islands. They landed at a place they called Eleuthera then known as Cigatoo.

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What was first cruise ship fitted with a podded propulsion system, and what year did that ship enter service? Answer – Will be published in next week’s column along with the name of the first person to submit the correct answer. Send your answer to cruise at travelpage.

Explore one of Nassau’s top attractions and gain insight into the Bahamas’ rich history on this minute Heritage Museum of The Bahamas tour. Follow a guide through the Heritage Museum of The Bahamas and discover relics and artifacts dating back through the generations.

The mouthwatering scent of cracked conch fills Dunmore Town as you take a seat at an oceanside restaurant. Climbing aboard a luxurious yacht, you set off to snorkel the hidden secrets of the shimmering Bahamian ocean. For many people, including a number of celebrities, Harbour Island is a great place to dock your private yacht.

Strolling through the marina, you will see a number of luxurious yachts that are used to sail around the Out Islands. Climbing aboard one of these yachts and exploring the fantastic scuba sites around the island is not to be missed. To scuba dive or snorkel through this crystal clear water is an experience like no other. North Eleuthera flights from Florida will have you relaxing on this beach in a matter of hours.

The beach spreads out before you, and as the waves roll over the sand, it radiates a strong pink hue. A pair of horses trots through the shallows of the turquoise ocean as their riders explore Pink Sands Beach in style. Its name is given due to the unique pink colour of the sand along the 4. This picturesque phenomenon is caused by millions of microscopic Foraminifera shells mingling with the sand grains.

These shells are a reddish pink colour and are particularly vibrant when wet. While the colour of the sand gives it a unique edge, the beach itself is exceptional. The elegance of the powdery sand and turquoise water is further enhanced by the spectacular tropical garden that fringes Pink Sands Beach.

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And now Ronnie Wood is feeling the wrath of a woman scorned with his wife of 30 years, Jo Wood, releasing a tell all book. In it she claims the Rolling Stones rocker smuggled drugs internationally. According to the year-old the trouble started when the Rolling Stone agreed to join forces with Beatle Ringo Star to help a new musician record his album. Releasing an early excerpt of her book, the former model claims she and Ronnie had to smuggle ‘smack’ laced cigarettes into Nassau Problem was Victor was not just the musician he was also a ‘Colombian drug lord’, according to the book.

It turned out that I was the plan. Jo and Ronnie, pictured here in , were married for 30 years and have two children together, and a child each from a former relationship ‘No, I said, pointing at Victor.

Christ Church Cathedral is the “Mother Church” of all of the Anglican churches in the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. In , King Charles II granted the colony (of the Bahamas) to the Lord Proprietors of Carolina.

Jan 30 we stayed a week with a group of 10 for my wife’s 50th birthday. This hotel was perfect size as its smaller than your mega resorts. Thus our group stayed together which was out intention. We had a blast. The hotel is a little older – 15 years old so there are always some things you can pick apart but generally the grounds, staff and experience were wonderful.

The dining overall was good. The buffet each morning was really good. The seafood and Italian were good to very good.

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On land, you can only access a beach through a public access point, but by boat, you can pull up to any one you want. Just stay below the natural high-tide mark. Very few beaches have public restrooms or changing facilities. On and on the bathing beauties go: Island-hopping day trips With more than islands and 2, cays small low islands or banks in the country, it would be a shame to visit only one.

Fishing With its pristine flats and seagrass beds, the Bahamas boasts first-rate bonefishing, particularly in Andros, Acklins, Crooked Island and the Abacos, as well as big-game fishing for tuna, blue marlin and more.

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Search 20 Best Things to Do in Nassau, Bahamas Plan a long weekend getaway to Nassau, Bahamas, to relax on beautiful sandy beaches and visit great attractions. The sea is filled with bright, colorful coral reefs so snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving are a must while the resorts offer an array of water sports from jet skiing and windsurfing to sailing, kayaking, and deep-sea fishing.

End the day on the beach as you sip cocktails and enjoy dinner under the stars with your toes in the sand. Spread over acres, the park features a range of thrilling rides, themed adventures, and fun-filled activities, from Atlantean-themed water towers and high-speed water slides to eleven swimming pools and a mile-long river ride complete with rolling rapids. Aquaventure Water Park is one of the best things to do in Nassau, Bahamas.

Exhilarating water slides and rides include the iconic Mayan Temple and the pulse-pounding Power Tower, while the river offers surges, waves, and other excitement for tube-riders.

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It also includes obligatory inspections for virginity and female genital mutilation. This could be because of underage immaturity, illness, disability, or the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or due to intimidation or pressure. For instance, in Malawi some parents arrange for an older man, often called “hyena”, to have sex with their daughters as a form of initiation.

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Additionally, January receives the lowest precipitation rate annually with just 70 mm of expected rainfall. April sees the precipitation average increase slightly as Johannesburg receives about 80 mm of rainfall. Nassau Weather in May: In July, Nassau receives its warmest temperatures of the year. July also receives the highest precipitation averages of the year with of rainfall to be expected.

August is a beautiful and sunny month in Nassau with 10 hours of daily average sunshine. Nassau Weather in September:

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