20 Ideas for a Unique and Memorable Nontraditional Wedding

Wooden letters that spell your last name Polaroid wall of signed photos. Swap flower girls for flower grannies. Toss a multiplying bouquet. Instead of tossing one bouquet that only one single friend gets, toss a bouquet of single flowers so all your single gal pals can feel the love in the air. Get sent off in one-of-a-kind style. Have a table with small flags and permanent markers, and let each guest write their own congratulatory, encouraging or funny phrases to make your marriage sendoff fun but still touching.

Top 10 First Date Ideas

Shares There’s no way around it: First dates are a nerve-wracking occasion. There’s a lot to keep track of.

This idea isn’t just non-traditional—it’s a million times cheaper than anything multi-tiered. Place to-go bags next to your “cake” and, if your guests are too busy dancing to notice dessert has been served, they’ll have a sugary snack for the road.

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50 Colorful Wedding Dresses Non-Traditional Brides Will Love

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Executive Kerala Instead of going in for a colour theme, bring in the cinematic effect for your wedding. There might be some Bollywood, Hollywood or any other regional movies which you two love. To add more fun factor, you can even select a dress code according to your theme and ask your guests to follow them if possible. Make your signature drink advertisement And let everyone get a taste of it.

Instead of serving regular hard drinks, why not come up with your own unique drink? Pinterest It will not only be a fun experience for you to come out with your signature drink, but will also leave guests surprised and amazed. So, do not hesitate and give it a shot! Instead of bride and groom dance Go for son-mother-in-law and daughter-father-in-law dance first. But, making the bride and groom dance with their in-laws will definitely be a treat to watch.

7 Unusually Great Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Welcome! Be sure to subscribe or you’ll miss fun posts like these!. The weekend is right around the corner and we thought it was a great opportunity to share this fun weekend-ready post. For some couples, once they get engaged the ‘dates’ go right out the window, traded in .

By Samantha Iacia June 26, From cozy quilt squares to modern tablet apps, these non-traditional wedding guest book ideas are unexpected enough to wow you and your guests. Krizel Photography Along with allowing you to relive the excitement of your wedding day long after it’s over, your guest book is a great opportunity to let your personality shine through.

But if traditional wedding guest book ideas such as notebooks or photo albums don’t spark your interest, we’ve got you covered. Because let’s be honest, do you really want another book for your coffee table? Try these alternative wedding guest book ideas that put a twist on tradition. Cory Kendra Photography Instant Photos As guests arrive to your reception and look at the seating chart , have them snap selfies using an instant camera.

Then, each guest can replace their escort card with the photo. At the end of the night, you’ll have a collection of snapshots to take home and treasure for years to come. Jones Photography Stones Polished rocks or stones are a perfect wedding guest book idea for any nature-loving couple. After the wedding, turn the signed rocks into a decorative piece by displaying them in a glass vase or even adding them to your garden.

Kathleen Hertel Photography Custom Poster Turn a simple poster into a custom guest book with the addition of an elegant frame. The Maine Tinker Studio Messages in a Bottle A collection of messages in bottles is a sweet idea for the sentimental couple.

non traditional wedding ideas

With more than a handful of bridesmaids, the bride opted to have the ladies seated at the altar so they weren’t a distraction during the ceremony. Rather than having all fifteen of the women dressed identically, the bride chose full-length dresses in black, navy, and a few pops of pink. Gillard Paige Photography 7 of 9 Playful Patterns and Mini Attendants For this eclectic wedding in Maine, the bride and groom chose to mix patterns across the board.

Groomsmen wore solid blazers with striped shirts and pizza-patterned pants, while the bridesmaids looked mod in their vintage-inspired polka dot cocktail dresses.

Nov 18,  · If you need a creative solution for your wedding dessert, look through our new listing of non-traditional wedding dessert ideas below. Pick the best! Creative Save The Date Ideas. Invitations & Stationery. 21 Best Honeymoon Ideas. Travel & Honeymoon. 21 Famous American Wedding Traditions You Should Know.

Just be sure to make it a date, not a competition: Hiking and nature walks – Local city, state or national parks almost always have hiking and nature trails. Throw some drinks or a lunch in a backpack and have fun. Bike riding – Find a bike path or trail in your area and go for a ride. Roller blading – Go rent a pair of roller blades together and spend the day at it.

If you have never roller bladed before, make sure the first date includes taking a class so you can learn how to stop! It can be a relaxing and friendly way to spend time together. Exercising regularly – If you are both trying to exercise regularly, try getting together a couple of times a week for walking, riding, jogging, etc. Educational dates Museums – Most cities and towns have museums: If you and your partner like this sort of thing, a museum can be a great place to go on a date.


Here are examples of how couples I featured in made their weddings truly theirs. Design your own ceremony This creative couple invented their ceremony completely from scratch! The seats were set up so that guests would be sitting around them in concentric spirals. There were long ribbons that ran along the spirals.

Are you on the lookout for non-traditional wedding ideas? If so, you are not alone as many independent-minded couples are spending much less time during the wedding-planning process researching traditions that they “must” do, and are instead spending much more time dreaming up .

Finding the perfect wedding dress to match your personality is always a challenge, especially if you count yourself amongst the non-traditional crowd see ya later, white and frilly sweetheart dresses. Scroll down to see 50 of our favorite non-white wedding dresses that will work for any season. There are brides who dream of wearing white on their special day, and then there are those who want nothing more than a Barbie-themed wedding. Embrace the latter with this hot pink ruffled skirt that can be teamed with a strapless top and metallic heels.

Do less on your wedding day. Between the deep green hue and effortless silhouette, this V-neck dress is no-nonsense in the best possible way. Finish off your look with a milkmaid braid for an outdoor ceremony. Imagine floating across the ballroom floor in this swoon-inducing gown covered with precious pink and white petals.

25 Non-Traditional Christmas Decorating Ideas

So, what alternatives are there for families who are looking to celebrate a bit differently? Below are five fun and creative ideas for your next non-traditional holiday season. Make fun holiday-themed crafts out of old clothes, out-of-date ornaments, or even broken Christmas lights. Use the holidays to teach your kids about charity. Let the children help you pick the charity and if possible, choose one that has a related activity in which your family can participate.

6. Spend the day at the San Diego Zoo. The San Diego Zoo is a notorious attraction in San Diego, for it’s one of the best zoos in California. Tickets may be a bit pricey, but make sure to check out the discount with your student ID if you’re a student.

Michelle Clement Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? After getting wrapped up in all of the excitement of the Broncos and the Panthers, it might have slipped your mind that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Yeah, I know, how did that sneak up on us so quickly? It seems like we just got over the holiday hangover, or maybe that’s just the pizza and chicken wing dip from big game catching up with us? Whatever it is, it’s now time to start thinking about how to impress your significant other.

So there you go Let me guess, next you’re off to book reservations at your favorite restaurant and then maybe planning on heading over to the theatre for a night at the movies. Now there is nothing wrong with dinner and a movie But before you commit to this old favorite, take a moment and think outside the box of what a romantic date could be.

Unique Wedding Ideas

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Prix-fixe dinners are delicious and all, but for those looking to break out of the same-old Feb. 14 rut (or are still full from Long Island’s first Winter Restaurant Week) can wow their partner’s with these non-traditional Valentine’s Day date ideas.

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10 CHEAP Date Ideas That Are Still AWESOME